First class is online NOW + GIVE AWAY

Your first Steps with Gouache: How to Create your own Letter Paper Hello Creative Adventurers,

I'm so excited. The time has come, my first class "Your first Steps with Gouache: How to Create your own Letter Paperis online and you are able to enroll NOW :)

In order to celebrate this milestone I promised you a give away


  • BE QUICK and GET FREE ACCESS The first 10 people who sign up for the class through this link will receive: Free access to the whole class (~1h hour of video instructions and tips & tricks). Please, leave a review for the class and share it with others :)
  • BE the FIRST to COMPLETE the class project The first person to complete the class project (who finished all the steps of deliverables and uploaded them as required in the project gallery) will receive the letter I've painted in the video lessons with a personal message from me sent by post.


You want to SUPPORT this and/or further projects?

  • Follow this link to enroll and sign up for a premium membership (which will grant you access to all of Skillshare's premium classes for a year - see terms and conditions on Skillshare's website). This will not just benefit you, as you can enjoy many amazing skillshare classes but will also support me with a small percentage to keep on doing what I do :)
  • Let people know: If you can't afford a premium membership please share the class with people you know, thank you.

I'm looking forward to all your beautiful class projects, keep on learning & adventuring


How to make a 7 year old happy - my handmade pokémon letter

This is for Matthew, an awesome 7 year old boy from America. He loves Pokémon (as I did when I was younger) so I crafted him a little present. Items used:

  • Daler Rowney Sketchbook paper in Soft White, 100 g/m²
  • Pencil
  • Staedtler pigment liner 0.5
  • Prismacolor | Premier - Sunburst Yellow (PC917) & Scarlet Lake (PC923)
  • tesa Stick (my glue stick of choice for paper)

Made me remember how easy & fun it is to make custom cards ;)

I always loved to make my own cards for people. They are more personal and unique than the ones you buy in a shop and I just love to use my creativity to make someone smile. I've noticed that over the years people have kept and cherished my little personal artworks so much, that I can still find them here and there on a pinboard or in a special treasure box when I visit them. I think they can feel they joy, love and effort that went into the card's creation and that is what makes it so valuable.

wpid-wp-1438962498837.jpg  wpid-wp-1438962498841.jpg

Today my lovely relative Krista visited us and I could present my gift so, soon young Matthew will hold it in his hands,... and I'd love to see his smile <3

Hope you'll like it too :)