Personal Project: DIY Gouache Flower Letter Paper

Hey, Creatives Adventurers

are there any good old snail mail letter writers among you?

I still love to receive letters, especially if they have been handmade or decorated by the sender. And what better way to receive letters is there than to send them out yourself? So I took out my gouache colours (see definition by tate modern here), paint brushes, some water, pencil and sketchbook & brown recycling sketchbook paper. I'm thinking about making a tutorial on my youtube channel in the future.


How to make a 7 year old happy - my handmade pokémon letter

This is for Matthew, an awesome 7 year old boy from America. He loves Pokémon (as I did when I was younger) so I crafted him a little present. Items used:

  • Daler Rowney Sketchbook paper in Soft White, 100 g/m²
  • Pencil
  • Staedtler pigment liner 0.5
  • Prismacolor | Premier - Sunburst Yellow (PC917) & Scarlet Lake (PC923)
  • tesa Stick (my glue stick of choice for paper)

Made me remember how easy & fun it is to make custom cards ;)

I always loved to make my own cards for people. They are more personal and unique than the ones you buy in a shop and I just love to use my creativity to make someone smile. I've noticed that over the years people have kept and cherished my little personal artworks so much, that I can still find them here and there on a pinboard or in a special treasure box when I visit them. I think they can feel they joy, love and effort that went into the card's creation and that is what makes it so valuable.

wpid-wp-1438962498837.jpg  wpid-wp-1438962498841.jpg

Today my lovely relative Krista visited us and I could present my gift so, soon young Matthew will hold it in his hands,... and I'd love to see his smile <3

Hope you'll like it too :)