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Hello Creative Adventurers, Maybe some of you are already part of the YT family but I just recently decided to give it a try - especially after my Skillshare experience and slowly getting rid of camera-fears. During the beginning of my filming process I found it quite hard to be myself in front of the camera so having my own channel seemed far from possible.

My main problems were:

  • Eye contact
  • Looking relaxed
  • Speaking without ums and ehms

I think I improved a little bit in all of them, but there is still a way to go. However, now it doesn't seem as scary anymore. So I'm considering to make the leap (again) and try to film design / art / craft videos for YouTube. As you can see it's quite broad but I know I want to go more towards creative people - creative adventurers - and also share my knowledge and experiences as I enter the Graphic Design world in my late twenties.

If anyone of you has also pondered wether or not they should finally have their own channel, I would suggest trying their boot camp :) September 14 - 28, 2015


Finding a new Direction

Hello, this is Day Two: Take Control of your Title and TaglineBlogging U.

My blog started out as a personal blog, about my adventures in everyday life. However, my new direction is to share with people how I overcame fear, built confidence and work on my dream to become a graphic designer, without previous art education and after already having graduated from a different degree.

Title: An Everyday Adventurer's Journey Tagline: my Name basically

I love my title because it leaves space for all the other things that interest me as well and that I'd like to share. Now, however, I'm not so sure about it anymore, because it doesn't say anything about the creative dream I'm pursuing and might not be focused enough. On the other hand I don't want to limit myself to writing about graphic design alone.

*sigh* so, after some contemplation, I'll change the tagline to name + something that captures the direction of this blog more. This will give a hint of what direction I'm heading to but leaves space for other adventures in my journey.

So here it is *drumroll*

Romica Spiegl - Graphic designer in the making

Nice to meet you ;)

Walk with me

I am a Graphic Hi, I'm Romica, a 26 year old Austrian living in the UK, and I want to be a graphic designer.

By official education I ought to be an  accountant, businesswoman or anthropologist.

By passion I'm a creative mind with a backpack full of other great stuff I've learned.

Now I'm going for my dream

  • I want to prove to you that going for your creative dream is worth it.
  • I want to prove that overcoming fear to fail is worth it.
  • I want to prove that whatever you have been doing before, if you are passionate about it, you can become a graphic designer.

How? By inviting you to follow me on my path to success. I will share honestly with you, my fall backs and challenges but also what I've learned, what worked well and what's essential in my opinion. ----

Why not way before?

  • Early discouragement
  • Fear of survival
  • Lack of confidence

Let's say I always wanted it but now I want it more.

Suppressing my passion hurt - for many years. It hasn't been that obvious. I did enjoy life and aspects of my education in business and anthropology. However, there was this dull pain when I saw people going for their dreams, when I couldn't find my courage to even try. I felt unfulfilled but I denied it. In all kinds of ways I tried to prove to myself that it was better and safer to forget.

Thoughts such as these were in my mind:

  • I am too old now, it's too late to try.
  • I will not be able to deal with critique.
  • I am not as good as all these thousands of other students.
  • Design is so competitive that I will never find a job.

Did any of these used to be something you thought or still think to be true?

So this was what I believed to be true for many years of my life. Kinda depressing, right?

However, things have changed. I had some dramatic changes in my life and through a lot of thought and prayer (yes, it works for me) I gave my life a new and positive direction but also with a seemingly uncertain outcome with no guarantees.


My new mottos:

  • Don't live with regret - take risks! _ I just couldn't stand the thought anymore that I haven't even tried
  • Always remain a student and never stop learning! _ I realised that there are so many ways to learn new things
  • Feedback helps you to become even better! _ I can work on my weaknesses and develop
  • Enthusiasm & effort is more important than previous education!
  • Competition makes it exciting!

Follow me and learn with me through the early stages of preparation, through uni, early career and my own business ... all to come in future posts.

Following me as a blogger is - somehow - a long-term commitment. You will see no instant changes or receive all the wisdom presented at once. But you will see a process of progress. You will see how I grow, improve, understand design and live more deeply and I believe you and me, we can learn together, support and encourage each other on this way. So, ...

Walk with me