Finding a new Direction

Hello, this is Day Two: Take Control of your Title and TaglineBlogging U.

My blog started out as a personal blog, about my adventures in everyday life. However, my new direction is to share with people how I overcame fear, built confidence and work on my dream to become a graphic designer, without previous art education and after already having graduated from a different degree.

Title: An Everyday Adventurer's Journey Tagline: my Name basically

I love my title because it leaves space for all the other things that interest me as well and that I'd like to share. Now, however, I'm not so sure about it anymore, because it doesn't say anything about the creative dream I'm pursuing and might not be focused enough. On the other hand I don't want to limit myself to writing about graphic design alone.

*sigh* so, after some contemplation, I'll change the tagline to name + something that captures the direction of this blog more. This will give a hint of what direction I'm heading to but leaves space for other adventures in my journey.

So here it is *drumroll*

Romica Spiegl - Graphic designer in the making

Nice to meet you ;)