How to make the most out of YouTube: Sign up for the Creator Bootcamp

Hello Creative Adventurers, Maybe some of you are already part of the YT family but I just recently decided to give it a try - especially after my Skillshare experience and slowly getting rid of camera-fears. During the beginning of my filming process I found it quite hard to be myself in front of the camera so having my own channel seemed far from possible.

My main problems were:

  • Eye contact
  • Looking relaxed
  • Speaking without ums and ehms

I think I improved a little bit in all of them, but there is still a way to go. However, now it doesn't seem as scary anymore. So I'm considering to make the leap (again) and try to film design / art / craft videos for YouTube. As you can see it's quite broad but I know I want to go more towards creative people - creative adventurers - and also share my knowledge and experiences as I enter the Graphic Design world in my late twenties.

If anyone of you has also pondered wether or not they should finally have their own channel, I would suggest trying their boot camp :) September 14 - 28, 2015