Podcast Announcement for young creative business owners

Hi Creative Adventurers, Yesterday I introduced Paige Poppe to you and I'm really excited to announce that she and her business partner Asia will soon start their podcast for young creative business owners with the focus on combining online and local business.

Excited? Then head over to their website spacetoface.com to sign up for the upcoming podcast.

Have a wonderful day, I'm off to uni ;)


Artist of the Week & Reflection: Paige Poppe

Hi Creative Adventurers,

A short Update

Just a few words before I start this post about a wonderful artist I have just found a few days ago on youtube and subscribed to. Recently I felt a lack of inspiration and did not post as much. I think it was because I felt I have to obey a certain style or have to "be a certain way" so people read what I write.

In short: Writing and posting didn't feel authentic anymore.

Don't get me wrong, there are so many wonderful things that I want to share with you, especially since uni started, I encountered so many wonderful and interesting aspects in the world of creative business, design and art. So, knowing myself, I decided to write shorter articles and see where they go, share what I found inspiring or interesting and not think too much of how much it will be "liked".

Great, so this is a commitment to writing more often but shorter. Wooohoo, look forward to more.

Artist of the Week: Paige Poppe

There are two reasons why I think you should have look at this video and her blog:

  1. She is a wonderful and likeable young creative and business owner, painting beautiful water colours and ... skateboards.
  2. She talks about this problem of many creatives: The Art of being Yourself in a very honest way. Made me reflect about how honest/authentic I am with my writing/online presence etc.

If you want to see more of her, here are a few links Paige Poppe's YT Channel Paige Poppe's Website & Blog

Have an awsome day, Romica :)