Artist of the Week & Reflection: Paige Poppe

Hi Creative Adventurers,

A short Update

Just a few words before I start this post about a wonderful artist I have just found a few days ago on youtube and subscribed to. Recently I felt a lack of inspiration and did not post as much. I think it was because I felt I have to obey a certain style or have to "be a certain way" so people read what I write.

In short: Writing and posting didn't feel authentic anymore.

Don't get me wrong, there are so many wonderful things that I want to share with you, especially since uni started, I encountered so many wonderful and interesting aspects in the world of creative business, design and art. So, knowing myself, I decided to write shorter articles and see where they go, share what I found inspiring or interesting and not think too much of how much it will be "liked".

Great, so this is a commitment to writing more often but shorter. Wooohoo, look forward to more.

Artist of the Week: Paige Poppe

There are two reasons why I think you should have look at this video and her blog:

  1. She is a wonderful and likeable young creative and business owner, painting beautiful water colours and ... skateboards.
  2. She talks about this problem of many creatives: The Art of being Yourself in a very honest way. Made me reflect about how honest/authentic I am with my writing/online presence etc.

If you want to see more of her, here are a few links Paige Poppe's YT Channel Paige Poppe's Website & Blog

Have an awsome day, Romica :)