Beautifully different books by Irma Boom

Hello Creative Adventurers, This is a short post to guide you to a graphic designer, who doesn't like reading briefs and is brave and unconventional in her book designs.

At the moment I'm working my way through an A-Z list of design agencies and practitioners for a Module called "Exploring Graphic Communication" for my BA Graphic Design and I found this video by Irma Boom inspiring. The texture, the effort and ideas she puts into designing her book... I'm left with no words. Watch it - for designers and book lovers.

Points I found interesting:

  • Her various creations: books with so much character
  • Her opinion on briefs made me laugh. She said she doesn't read them. ‘Do whatever you like, I think that’s always better’ (link)
  • She calls clients 'commissioners' instead
  • Minibooks


PS: I doubt I'll make it through the list by Tuesday, because I get so immersed with certain designers that I spend literally hours looking at their work. Then one thing links to the next and you want to learn more, go deeper. As you can probably tell, I'm on letter B. Yep.