What is deep about "Everybody poops"

I love the free talks on creativelive.com but this one was funny, provoking and inspiring. It tells us to let go of perfection and that throughout our careers we all "poop" (aka also produce work that is not great ").But should this stop us? No!

The illusion of perfection

When we look at designers and design magazines, sketchbook presentations on YouTube etc we might get a feeling of a level of perfection that we just can't meet. Does that mean that all successful designers out there only produce golden eggs? I believe no. Who would really want to show off their failed attempts? That one design that never made it. Pages of ideas that in the end just weren't that great...

I think we, who fear failing and not being good enough, need to understand what James Victore puts simply as " everybody poops". In the course of our creative adventures we will all create ... we will create a lot of work. And honestly, not everything will be great but that should never put us off to try and try again. I think we need some more designers like him.

James Victore is like his posters, bold and fearless. I think this is what makes his work authentic.

You will understand what I mean if you listen to him. Here are some of my notes.

Interested? Here is a short glimpse of his talk on perfection

And to be bold and fearless too ... Here is one of my recent typography "poos". I thought I had produced something funny and stylish until my dear husband pointed out that I have done exactly the opposite of what I was trying to say by writing "between" literally ON the lines. Lol. But hey, everybody poops.

This is a response to the blog prompt "Unpopular" / Today I chose the unpopular thing to do as a designer - admitting that not all our stuff is great and posting my own "bad" example ;)