MOOCs and Tapping into Design Thinking

MOOCs and Tapping into Design Thinking

I have to admit - I love studying things that inspire me.

So discovering MOOCsΒ (massive open online courses) is almost like a revelation. There are several places to start finding interesting courses for free and so far I've signed up for and

First I jumped right intoΒ this one about "Design Thinking"

which brought me to theΒ TED Talk (2009) by Tim Brown who asks Designers to "think big" again. What I found especially inspiring about his talk: In very simple terms, design is not just selling stuff - or making stuff look good enough to be more desireable to be bought. He describes a different notion of design I haven't heard before (or I am not so familiar with) but which really resonates with my idea of how I want to be a designer in the future.

Instead of seeing its primary objective as consumption,Β design thinking is beginning to explore the potential of participation --Β the shift from a passive relationshipΒ between consumer and producerΒ to the active engagement of everyoneΒ in experiences that are meaningful,Β productive and profitable. [08:41 Transcript, Tim Brown]

[ted id=646]