Little Milestone / Do you dare to celebrate the small things?

wpid-wp-1436729096712.jpg Today I want to share with you one of the little milestones I have reached.

My photographs of a community festival this summer have been published in a local newspaper - with credits. That made me really happy. I hope more opportunities like this will come and I can continue to improve my photography skills.

I know it's not a big step, but it means something to me. I just wanted to help out, so let's say it was a personal project rather than unpaid work. I loved talking to people and capturing the atmosphere of the place. It's not the first time for me to document events. I have done two weddings before but this was quite different and I really enjoyed it. Being used to getting little credit for free work, it just made my day that my name was actually included in the small article.

What I try to say with this little recollection is that

I think it's very important to feel successful about small steps, even if it seems insignificant to your big dreams.

I do believe it's invaluable, for me personally, to cherish the small things on the road towards my creative dream. It helps me to keep going and growing.

Have you reached any little Milestones recently? Do you feel you can appreciate those small moments or do you feel they don't really matter to you?

I'd love to hear some of your voices, fellow bloggers :)

About the photo: This was one of the shots of the previous photowalk which captures my feeling of slow but steady development.