Children's Book Illustration
Stories open for a wonderful publisher/agent:

  • How Maud met Anne

  • Archimedes learns to fly

  • Bim and the Brass Band on Silent Island
    (all written and illustrated by Romica Jones)

Recent Work: Immigrants of Ellis Island - Tea Cup Set
Four tea sets for a MATS project about hairstyles of Ellis Island's immigrants: people full of hope for their new life in America. I decided to focus on women from four different destinations and to use vibrant colours to emphasise their hope despite the challenges they were facing.

D&AD New Blood Awards 2018 - submission for Hotel Indigo brief
Illustrations for a changing mural exhibition concept featuring the Manchester worker bee - a symbol of Manchester's great community - by various local artists to connect the hotel with its surroundings.

Editorial Illustration
3 sets of illustrations for WikiHouse - an open-source building project for self-builders - to promote the project in various magazines, covering topics such as young couples expanding their family and building their dream house; the idea of flying the nest symbolised by the wren (the English WikiHouse protoype name); and addressing the housing crisis with a baking theme ( the cookie-cutter approach is not working).

Social Media Illustrations
Fun illustrations for a local community festival's social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and their blog.

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