Gouache for Illustrators - Create a cute Animal Portrait


400+ students later

I was very happy to have over 400 students join my first ever online-teaching experience. I have participated, supported and held many art related small events in the past, but the success and response to "Your first Step with Gouache" was a big surprise. So, Following the Success of "Your first Steps with Gouache", which covers the basics of gouache, I'm really happy to present you this new class.

What you will learn

In this class you will learn how to create a cute animal illustration with Gouache.
It will cover:

  • The materials you need
  • The Concept of Cuteness - What actually makes things cute
  • How to prepare your workspace
  • 2 different Sketching Methods
  • Brush Practice Strokes for fur
  • How to layer colours
  • How to add details for a beautiful finished Illustration

You will also receive an exclusive "Gouache for Illustrators" - Cheat Sheet PDF for Mixing Colours.

Your First Steps with Gouache -
How to Create your own Letter Paper


Why students love this class

Such a great, informative and well-structured tutorial! It was fun to watch and I got really inspired to create my own flowers and patterns! Your voice is very calming and encouraging.
— Suvi B.
I thought this class was amazing. The lessons were very comprehensive and useful but not too long for me to lose my interest. I loved how I could create my final product in easy small steps and how easy it was to follow. The feedback from Romica was better then any feedback I ever received from any art teacher. I feel like I learned a lot in this class because of that and by trying out new things!
— Sofie V. /